Click on the links below for the COVID-19 guidance for child care centers. You will also see examples of how other programs in LA County are following the guidance. 

Thank you for being a child care hero! Early educators and children can stay safe and healthy when we all follow COVID-19 safety practices.


The parents of every child in your care should sign a basic contract. This contract should include policies and guidelines related to COVID-19. Public Counsel has developed a sample contract for child care providers that includes COVID-19 information. You may modify this sample or use it to update your existing contract. Click below to learn more.

The information on these pages is intended to help you think about how to follow the guidance in your own program. Official LA County guidance should be referenced. The official guidance and other information on COVID-19 can be found here.

We recommend that you also:

  • Schedule frequent staff meetings and information sessions to review the policies and procedures and make sure they are being followed.
  • Check in regularly with staff to monitor their overall well-being.

For information on what to do if someone in your program is sick or has been exposed to COVID-19, visit the Illness and Exposure page.

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